CLIENT: Velmont Real Estate Group

INDUSTRY: Real Estate

Velmont Real Estate Group, founded in 2018, is a division of Macdonald Realty. Operating out of the Lower Mainland, Velmont navigates Vancouver's ever evolving real estate market. Guiding their clients with confidence, the Velmont team provides exceptional service with in-depth real estate knowledge. Offering custom tailor made strategies for each individual, the team helps their clients achieve their real estate goals.

The concept behind Velmont stems from the simple idea of doing better. The Velmont team values: reputation, knowledge, efficiency, integrity, growth, and customer service. They provide professional service and support to their customers during their home buying or selling experience. This strong commitment to their clients is the thread that bonds the group and the brand.

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Design Process
The Lion
The icon is an illustration of a lion head sculpture. Culturally, lion motifs are often found around the home and serve as symbols of protection. The circular ring caressing the design references ornate lion head door knockers or knobs seen all around Europe, tying in the real estate aspect to the brand.

This rendition of a lion head is calm, yet protective; powerful, but not aggressive. Lions represent loyalty, teamwork, prestige, and leadership, all attributes Velmont wants to be remembered by.

The Wordmark
Originally designed by William Calson in London, the wordmark is designed using the classic serif typeface Big Caslon. This old-style letter design is produced with relatively organic details, similar to that of handwriting, and offers what the type designer describes as “comfortable and inviting.” Spaced to demand attention and presence, the wordmark gives the identity a stronger grasp of the page, and the ability to stand on its own.


The Velmont brand direction came out of the Funnelling Design Process. I met with the ownership group to conceive a brand that spoke of confidence, and accountability. We went with a traditional and classic approach, using the lion as it's moniker. Paired with abstract architectural photography, the brand aims to break away from the regular look of real estate teams.

Art Direction

Velmont emphasized the desire to be different from regular real estate operations. Instead of the typical pictures of homes and people shaking hands, we outlined the rule of using abstract architectural imagery, and focus at the task at hand - providing excellent customer service. The imagery acted as texture, making branded assets more interesting to look at, while still pertaining somewhat to homes, and properties. The brand icon, the lion, was softened to prevent a overtly aggressive appeal. These considerations made the brand confident, yet approachable.


Part of Velmont's engagement strategy is to provide client's with buyers' and sellers' guides to help navigate these unfamiliar processes. The booklets outline what Velmont deems important, acts as an introductory tool, defines their roles, and outlines the process of buying or selling a home. This package of information is presented within a custom branded presentation folder, along with a business card. Being a part of Macdonald Realty, their signage followed a strict template.

Print Design

Collaborating closely with the ownership group, we created a classic brand that oozed professionalism. Throughout the project from concept to completion, the goal was to educate future clients regarding the real estate market and the responsibilities of the agent. As we continued to create assets that would assist in this conversation, I was also responsible for sourcing the printing and creating a comprehensive package for the end user.

Graphic Design

Within the buyers', sellers', and the brand guides, layout, custom graphic design, and illustration was tailored to the new company. Paired with abstract architectural images, and unique typographic considerations, we have branded assets that are engaging and elegant. Easy to read, and enjoyable to look at, the marketing assets offered a great first impression to clients.