CLIENT: Purpus Vodka

INDUSTRY: Vodka, Alcohol

ONLINE: www.purpusvodka.com

Purpus Vokda is a Canadian vodka soda made with purpose. The cocktails are created with natural flavours, zero carbs, zero sugars, are gluten free, and contain 6% alcohol. The beverages can be found at select BC and AB liquor stores. Flavours include Ludicrous Lime, Prosperous Peach, Guilty Pleasure Rosé, and Strawberry Peach. The brand centres around the concept of living purposefully. In this project, I created the icon logo, launch campaign, marketing assets, and other branded materials.
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Design Process
Prior to their launch, I worked with Purpus Vodka to design their icon logo, branded marketing assets, sales sheets, event marketing assets, and business cards. The company had a strong vision and I was happy I could help put it together. When they approached me, they had already designed the brand, logo, and beverage cans. I guided them through my Funnelling Design Process and helped this new business gear up for launch.

My first task was to create an icon that hinted at the fact that the drinks contained electrolytes. When it comes to Canadian laws, you're not allowed to say healthy alcohol, or promote alcoholic beverages the same way you would a regular drink. So by making the icon speak to that, Purpus could indirectly mention it, without mentioning it.

As usual, I produced three sets of logo concepts each with slight variations. The first concepts were abstract, inspired by the notion of finding one's purpose or path. Meandering lines and intersections drove the concept's direction. I also experimented with the wordmark to see if I could find something interesting within the negative space. The next set of designs were more scientific and inspired by the inclusion of electrolytes. The icons centred around the 'P' from the Purpus logo. In my research, I found out there are six common electrolytes, so my concepts had six elements orbiting the 'P.' Other designs included the '+' sign, meant to hint at the inclusion of electrolytes. Also centring around the letter 'P,' the last concepts were geometric and directional; influenced by a person's journey. The icons were square and diamond shaped, all sides symmetrical, and constructed with simple lines.

After the first presentation there was a clear favourite. The company gravitated towards the electrolyte inspired concepts. I further refined the icons and mocked them up on three business card designs. In the end, the icon chosen was created in a hexagon shape with the letter 'P' in the centre. The design included six circles at each point, representing the six common electrolytes. The circles were located right at the edge of the corners, so the lines and circles appear continuous. Once the logo was finalized, I designed the graphics for the cardboard tray for each flavour drink, and finished the business cards.

The business cards were very sleek. One side contained the names and contact information in dark grey, on white paper, with the Purpus wordmark. The other side featured a printed splash of clear liquid that was spot UV'ed to give the image a nice reflection. Printed on top in grey is the Purpose icon, with #whatsyourpurpus hashtag.

As logo design portion of the project wrapped up, we moved onto the branded assets. During their launch campaign they attended the CCMAs, HopScotch, and sponsored a New Years event to promote the brand. For these events I put together posters, stand up banners, handouts, a branded table cloth, a branded tent, interactive tabletop graphics, social media graphics, and teardrop flags for marketing and promotion.


This project came to me partially done. There were still a few key elements left to be produced as the company prepared for their launch. Using my trusted Funnelling Design Process, I put together their icon logo, business cards, and an assortment of marketing and event graphics and assets. Geared towards a younger audience, the graphics had to be fresh and energetic.

Print Design

Majority of the deliverables in this project were print based. All the marketing materials for each event involved different vendors and specifications. Some of the designs included Purpus' signature crossword theme, making the assets familiar and interactive. Business cards included a splash with spot uv, making that aspect reflective, enhancing the illusion.


While working with Purpus, we produced many new marketing assets as well as an event set up. We collaborated on handouts, one sheets, and a PowerPoint deck. The handouts included product and ordering information. The event set up included standup banners, a branded table cloth, a branded tent, standup banners, and posters. We even designed a small ad that would go on an admission ticket.

Graphic Design

When designing for the food and beverage industry, it is imperative for the products to look delicious and entice the viewer. To do this, I put together graphics of water splashing the product's flavor source, such as fruit and incorporated brand colors to brighten the designs and catch people's eye. Purpus later engaged with a digital agency and conducted a photoshoot that was very beneficial for creating their marketing assets.