CLIENT: Porch at UBC

INDUSTRY: Food & Beverage, Vegetarian

ONLINE: www.food.ubc.ca/

Located at the AMS Nest, Porch is a great place to get a fast hot vegetarian meal. Inspired by the comfort of one’s porch and the deliciousness of a hearty meal, Porch is a home away from home. Using soft lighting, warm wooden textures, and a variety of green plants, the ambiance is inviting and special.

Redesigning a space using texture is a great way to evoke a new emotions in a previously bland space. By adding wooden elements to some of the walls, we created a softer, warmer environment resembling an old wooden porch.

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Design Process
Porch has a cozy atmosphere that is derived from home aesthetics. To reflect that level of comfort, the Porch logo is created by mimicking a hand drawn look. It is soft, but bold, friendly and fun; like a note from mom or dad.

Porch only has one main logo but can be used in a variety of colors. While spacing isn’t a huge concern, the general rule of thumb, is to give it space and breathing room. Nobody likes a cramped logo.

The stylized slogan graphic can be used in most situations as it describes the business in a delightful way. Most situations will see this design aligned to the right of communication or marketing materials.

Glowing with natural light, Porch faces the south entrance with high floor to ceiling windows. Porch calls out to on-comers with it’s logo and slogan on the outfacing windows, inviting people into its corner.

On the walls, the location is clad with wooden textures and greenery reinforcing a warm and comfortable feel. Live with a lush and rustic tones, Porch is surrounded by good vibes and great eats.The green graphic wall shows common delicious vegetables reflective of the food served while adding a blast of color into the space.


The main concept came from the AMS as they described a cozy an inviting spot that served vegetarian cuisine. Many iterations of interior graphics were considered, but ultimately we decided to add wooden textures on the wall using garden lattice. The concepts were refined during the Funnelling Design Process as the name, direction, and even ordering process were being developed.

Interior Design

Inspired by an actual porch, we aimed to create a backyard feel with lattice, plants, pallets, wood, and a green vegetable graphic wall. With other homey aspects, we maintained a rustic feel with wooden backed personal ordering menus. By adding wood to the main bar, and top overhang, the space redefines itself by framing the main menu elegantly. Trying to keep spend to an ultimate low, we painted over the yellow, green and off white tiles, to pure white. This helped open up the space, and offer a bit more long term appeal.

Art Direction

Each stage of the design process helped refine this space and brand. We sourced local fabricators and insisted on reclaimed wood. Printed on recycled paper, we made the ordering process both more economical and efficient. Instead of traditional interior design elements, we decided on a more cost effective way to clad and decorate the interior by using garden lattice.

Print Design

Printed on recycled paper, we adjusted the ordering process so it's possible to order while in line. This made the line move faster, and kept patrons occupied while waiting. The main menu, built on a reclaimed wood frame, features a blackboard face with vinyl text applied. The exterior facade sports a large vinyl. Used as a promotional graphic and as wayfinding, Porch exasperates, "Delicious Vegetarian Comfort Food."