CLIENT: Magnet Naturals

INDUSTRY: Food & Nutrition, Marketing

PRODUCT: bumble bloom

Magnet Naturals is a marketing company that concentrates on natural organic food and nutrition products, and brands. The aim of the business is to provide retail elevation, brand elevation, and custom marketing solutions. To do this, their team has a multistep approach that includes research, engagement, analyzation, blueprinting, execution, and evaluation.

The audiences Magnet caters to include VP of Sales, Director of Marketing, Event Coordinators, Natural Health Food Brokers, and those alike.

Once the Magnet branding concluded, I helped the brand create their first product, bumble bloom.

Magnet Naturals Vancouver - Angus Wong DesignMagnet Naturals Vancouver - Angus Wong DesignMagnet Naturals Vancouver - Angus Wong DesignMagnet Naturals Vancouver - Angus Wong DesignMagnet Naturals Vancouver - Angus Wong DesignMagnet Naturals Vancouver - Angus Wong DesignMagnet Naturals Vancouver - Angus Wong DesignMagnet Naturals Vancouver - Angus Wong DesignMagnet Naturals Vancouver - Angus Wong DesignMagnet Naturals Vancouver - Angus Wong DesignMagnet Naturals Vancouver - Angus Wong Design
Design Process
In the discovery phase Magnet was described to be a fun, and exciting brand with pop art aspects. Magnet's name somewhat corners its design potential, but on the other hand, there are still numerous possibilities that pertain to magnetism. With the ideas put forth, I presented three options with three associated mood boards to get a sense of the client’s visual preferences.

My first concept was a blocky 3D 'M' drawn in perspective coloured with a typical magnet colorway (red with grey tips). The mood presented pertained to a graphic, illustrative quality. Bold clean coloring interplayed with real imagery.

The second concept was based on the science of magnets and the magnetic field patterns the north and south poles of a magnet creates. This concept was designed as a patch with Customer Attraction Engineers written on it. The concept had staff wear this patch on their lab coats, for a more fun scientific experiment vibe. The mood felt more educational, using playful iconography, drawing off directional lines and flat illustrations.

The final concepts really took the pop art look to heart. Using overlaid blue and red Ms, a magnet looking shape is created, flanked by two halftone triangles. The concepts were paired with retro comic book styled pop art and bold coloring.

At last, we concluded with a rounded red 'M' icon with a bright blue shadow, and grey tips. The 'M' is outlined by a darker blue giving the icon an extruded look. The rounded aspects suggest a friendly and light feel. The brand uses four main colors, and the ability to use fun textures inspired by magnetic waves and directional patterns. The wordmark shares similar features to the icon and is designed using a rounded typeface. Magnet's wordmark has been modified to bulge at the top and bottom.

On average, most people's first interaction with new brands are through their website. Magnet’s site really embodies the brand’s personality with it's fresh look and fun messaging. The colors bring out the vibrancy of the company and the textures offer a very graphic touch.


Concepts were derived using the Funnelling Design Process. In the process, we established the name, direction, and slogan. In the end we created an "M" icon, Magnet wordmark, distinct brand colors, fonts, and unique patterns. The patterns are inspired by magnetic waves and gives the brand movement and energy.

Print Design

Custom designed business cards were created for Magnet. On one side we see the logo emblazoned with lighting bolts, emphasizing a charge, action or excitement. Overlaid is a spot uv layer with the company motto and name "Magnet - Elevating Natural Brands." The opposite side shows the contact information with a custom pattern, also including some nice spot uv touches.

Web Design

Based off a Drupal template, www.magnetnaturals.com's layout was slightly modified and customized with branded graphics. Using select Google Typefaces, we embellished Magnet's fresh take on natural food marketing and promotion.


Collaborating closely with the owner operators of Magnet, we knew we needed to create a brand that was very consistent with their messaging. Being a natural food advocate, it was obvious what our larger goal was - to create a more sustainable future. We established this tone with proper graphics and a thoughtful communication strategy.

Product Design

Once the Magnet Naturals project concluded, the owners and I collaborated on Magnet's first natural food product. bumble bloom is an organic vegan honey alternative made with fresh organic apples, organic apple cider vinegar, and organic cane sugar. Coming in five different flavors, bumble bloom is a great way to reduce the stress on bees. Learn more about what I did for the bumble bloom project here.