CLIENT: Hartney & Company

INDUSTRY: Solicitor & Barrister, Law

Hartney & Company operated by Nathaniel Hartney and Valerie Hartney was a criminal law practice serving Vancouver BC. Due to the nature of the business, a clean, and classic logo was created. This work was produced in collaboration with Dirk Wright, and Cameron McKague. The final deliverables produced in this branding project included a website, letterhead, and business cards.

Hartney & Company - Angus Wong Designer Hartney & Company - Angus Wong Designer Hartney & Company - Angus Wong Designer Hartney & Company - Angus Wong Designer Hartney & Company - Angus Wong Designer Hartney & Company - Angus Wong Designer Hartney & Company - Angus Wong Designer
Design Process
The Hartney & Company brand stars a classic logo using an all-caps serif typeface, with an ampersand separating the two words. We wanted to ensure the brand was associated with sophistication. Dealing with criminal law, we understood that trust was going to be a key aspect to integrate.

The brand, business card, letterhead, and website were the deliverables in this project. While everything was consistent, clean, and sharp, we did offer a creative flare through color; or lack there of. The business cards were crisp matte white cardstock with black text; the logo on the other side was printed in a raised spot gloss; and the cards were slightly heavier than the average business card. The letterheads were a light cream color with an elegant subtle texture.

For the background of the website, we opted for a very faint light blue. The website was minimal with understated interactive elements that included four main sections, home page, blog, team page, and a contact page. To create contrast on the interactive and functional aspects, we introduced a low contrast maroon color. The way the website was laid out was fairly unique using a slightly different take on the traditional slider header. The menu was underneath the header. The page content updated only on the lower portion of the site.

Altogether we created a very timeless brand with unique hints of creatively. Hartney & Company operated from 2010-2016.


Concepts were derived from the Funnelling Design Process. We started with the logo to establish the tone of the project. As the logo was being resolved, we tested color and typographic treatments to print and web.

Web Design

Nathaniel's needs were minimal, as is the brand. We kept things basic showing all information on one screen on all pages except blog landing page. An unorthodox navigation under the header and opening text feels natural.

Print Design

We enjoyed playing with the subtleties of off whites in this brand. Together we elected to use a light cream textured paper for the letterheads, emphasizing class. The business cards used a heavier stock in crisp white, raised uv printed logo, and elegant and professional typography.