CLIENT: Gun Lake Pictures

INDUSTRY: Entertainment, TV Production

ONLINE: www.mcleangroup.com/

Gun Lake Pictures is the non-scripted television content creation division of McLean Group, developing original programming for the international marketplace. Vertically integrated with Vancouver Film Studios and Pacific Backlot Services, Gun Lake Pictures is more than a typical production company.
Gun Lake Pictures - Angus Wong DesignerGun Lake Pictures - Angus Wong DesignerGun Lake Pictures - Angus Wong DesignerGun Lake Pictures - Angus Wong DesignerGun Lake Pictures - Angus Wong DesignerGun Lake Pictures - Angus Wong DesignerGun Lake Pictures - Angus Wong Designer
Design Process
To start the Funnelling Design Process, a discovery phase to flesh out the perimeters of the project was initiated. The clients reminisced about a place they frequented near Gun Lake BC. It was a family vacation home, described as a place to get away, relax, and be creative. Near and dear to their heart, the clients named their production studio after the lake. The organization wanted to epitomize their feelings associated with the location.

In my first presentation I created mood boards, and provided examples of competitor brands. We broke down movie studio websites, logos, and videos intros. We wanted to ensure Gun Lake didn't resemble anything that currently existed. During the project, we identified early on that the short video intros before a movie starts, were a major factor that could influence the outcome of the brand. It is likely the intro would be the public’s first interaction with Gun Lake Pictures. Since these intros are generally filmed or animated, the brand logo would need to take movement into consideration. This video element of the brand allowed us to tell a story.

As we iterated logo concepts, it was a challenge to avoid emphasizing the word “Gun” and identify a real lake as something more than a lake. My first concepts showed a logo with a silhouette of a fisherman. The fisherman was used to symbolize the uncertainty of fishing, whilst having a good time. Anyone can cast a line, but what is caught (if anything) is often a mystery. The second concept expressed a similar theme, using a more minimal approach. The concept featured a red and white fishing ball float. Lastly, I took a more graphic direction and illustrated a float plane. One of the only ways to get to Gun Lake. The float plane reflected the idea of adventure. Still toying with the concept of the 'unknown.'

In the end, we concluded with two logos based off the ideas of creativity, and uncertainty. The main logo is a loose hand written typeface embodying creative energy. The calligraphy styled type made the word 'Gun' little less apparent and dominate. The word 'Pictures' is seen in a serif font, aimed to hint at the typewriter as a means of creating or writing. The icon is a fisherman on a boat, embodying a concept of wonder as his line is whipped back and forth.


Branding Gun Lake involved creating a set of logos that can be used in multiple scenarios and applications. Using the Funnelling Design Process we concluded with a primary wordmark, fisherman icon, small versions of each, and a couple of options combining the wordmark and icon.

Print Design

As a brand new company, I assisted Gun Lake Pictures with the development of their business card design and printing.