CLIENT: BC Pet Registry

INDUSTRY: Non-Profit, Animal Welfare

ONLINE: www.bcpetregistry.ca

A program of the BC SPCA, the BC Pet Registry is British Columbia's only provincial pet ID database. Created in 2015, the sole goal of the program is to reunite lost pets with their people. While working with veterinary clinics and shelters across Canada, the BC Pet Registry uses a pet's microchip, tattoo, or license registered with the database, to make contact and reconnection simpler and more streamlined. In this project, I helped the BC Pet Registry update their logo and marketing assets.

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Design Process

Tasked with redesigning the BC Pet Registry's logo and marketing assets, I guided the team through my Funnelling Design Process. We flushed out a variety of early concepts themes, ranging in themes focus.

I wanted to see if there was an opportunity to shorten the name and it's appearance, potentially abbreviating parts. I came up with three modernized, refreshed concepts. One that mirrored the original design, including the magnifying glass element. Another explored concepts illustrating the pets that could be registered. Lastly, badge like designs, emphasizing something official or with an authoritative quality.

After the first presentation, the client gravitated towards the concepts with the animals, but also like the stacked wordmark that condensed the overall look. The animals that could be registered with the Pet Registry were dogs, cats, and rabbits. When illustrating those animals, my goal was to convey them in a simple and balanced way that could translate well small. The stacked wordmark shortened 'Pet Registry' to just 'Pet Reg' using a bold typeface that is easy to read. This worked well online and digitally when logo size fluctuates.

Given that this was a redesign, we analyzed the brand colors with our logo concepts, testing which combinations worked well together, and which did not. I mocked up the logos and icons onto clothing and other assets to get a better perspective of the usage, and overall appearance.

Branding wise, we came out of this project with a primary logo, secondary logo, shortened stacked logo, and an animal icon. The primary logo leads the way, but its parts can work well on their own. We wanted the appearance of the materials to be eye-catching, but at the same time serious. We increased the color usage and broadened our brand's visual vocabulary. The Pet Registry needed to appear friendly; but not exactly fun. No one wants to lose a pet.

On the marketing front, we produced two stand-up banners, handouts, stickers, tri-folds, a branded double-sided tablecloth, and tent for various physical engagements, trade shows, or events.


The BC Pet Registry rebranding concepts were derived using the Funnelling Design Process. Encounters with the brand were going to take place at pet events, trade shows, and instances where the team would be promoting their services. The brand had to be approachable, engaging, and clear.

Graphic Design

Redesigning a brand means building upon what was once there. I was tasked with directing the brand's communication and aesthetic towards something a little more serious. A lost pet is no joke. If you've ever owned a pet, you can imagine losing one. Looking for more of a somber tone, we wanted to highlight the simple solution of registering your pet. With that in mind, we chose imagery that would spark emotion and the connection between pet and people.


New marketing assets were created to reimagine the BC Pet Registry brand. We created new handouts and tri-folds for social events, and redesigned the overall setup for events. The new branded tent, tablecloth, and flanking banners call out to the audience with direct call to actions.

Print Design

These days, it's very easy to get things printed for marketing. I put together two standup banner designs, aimed to flank the tent. The tablecloth was designed double-sided. One front offered a positive message of growing together, ideal for a younger audience. When flipped, the other message was a gloomier, a pet goes missing, more ideal for an older audience. Atop the tablecloth, we have footprints of various sized cats, dogs, and rabbits.