CLIENT: AC James Transport

INDUSTRY: Logistics, Shipping

AC James Transport Ltd. is a shipping and transportation company operating out of Ontario, Canada.

AC James Transport TruckAC James Transport Rabbit IconAC James Transport LogoAC James Transport Rabbit IconAC James Transport Stationery
Design Process

In the exploration phase, the client and I discussed the needs of the project. While branding was the main focus, it was important for us to determine that the main application of the logo would appear on freight trailers. As a shipping company, that likely where the public and potential clients would see the logo most. It was important for this project to create a dynamic logo focused on speed, efficiency, and the safe handling of goods. Things that shipping companies should be known for! The design had to be simple and memorable. Quickly passing by on the highway, you may only catch a glimpse.

The client wanted to emphasize 'AC JAMES' but wanted to include 'Transport' within the logo too. We explored 3 concepts: typography focused, acronym / icon driven, and abstract / speed designs. After a weekend on the highway, the client realized logos that were the 'most different' were the most memorable. The client decided to go with the abstract / speed focused direction.

During the design process, I was inspired by the Cotton Tail Rabbit; fast and cunning, and a local animal commonly found in Ontario. I illustrated a few rabbit icons in a couple different styles before choosing the ones to present. Each distinct from one another, all drawn with speed in mind. Because we wanted the rabbit to face a direction, we ensured that the design would look just as good horizontally flipped. This is to accommodate designs for both sides of the truck. We didn't want something looking backwards.

Once the rabbit was chosen, it was a little easier to arrange the typography, and come up with a few concepts. We wanted to make sure the type was bold and clear; easy to digest. The client requested blue as a main color, so we explored complimentary combinations. In the end, we produced a stacked logo, a horizontal logo, an icon, business cards, letterheads, and potential freight truck graphics.


Even for a smaller project, the process I guide my clients through is the same. After the discovery phase, I always produce three concepts to the client. This initial presentation is the most important in order to set the direction of the brand. Concepts can range from simple to complex. The range helps the conversation, and establishes the tone. The final concept was derived from the Funnelling Design Process.

Graphic Design

The rabbit icon is a custom illustration meant to depict a rabbit in motion. To help visualize the brand, multiple branded freight trailer graphics were produced with one making it on the trucks.