Corporate Branding

Using my Funnelling Design Process, I am able to summarize your needs and wants into three viable options for our first presentation. While showing you a range of potential directions, concepts also differ by graphic complexity providing an opportunity to discuss style. After each meeting, I am able to combine the best applicable ideas and your preferences to refine concepts closer to your vision.

Graphic Design

Augmenting images with a message strengthens the viewing experience. I’ve been using graphic programs for almost 20 years, and through my practice, I understand graphic design can be visual and thought-provoking or goal-driven. Graphic design for digital and print is where balance and attraction are the keys to success.


My approach to marketing is to create something that doesn’t leave the audience with unanswered questions. They should just get it. If the design distracts from the message, it’s not successful. Graphic design and marketing is less about decorating, and more about communicating. I can assist by connecting your message to your audience.


Illustration can take many forms: paint, pencil or digital, it needs to address a crowd. Illustration is a great way to create excitement, invent unique work and stylize your brand or assets. Illustration is the starting step to every brand icon or logo.

Package Design

Well-executed package design can be a perfect example of where form meets function. The goal of the package is to attract your target demographic with alluring visuals, and comply with regulations while communicating information to the consumer. While there's almost never room for extra, there's always room for sustainability.

Print Design

Print collateral and stationary should be the first things one should consider when starting any business. A business card should be like a nice firm handshake, not a flimsy single ply. Make a statement and allow people to discover who you are and what you do. Print goes a long way as entrepreneurs further develop their brands. Just make sure what you print is something someone wants to accept.

Web Design

In this fast-paced world, businesses survive by making every effort to attract new and potential clients. Websites can increase your digital visibility so you have to make an impression. I’ve designed websites from the bottom up: managing outsourced teams and modifying existing sites. I’m not a developer but I can put a websites together, create online graphics, design user interfaces, and create the user's experience.

Product Design

Understanding the needs of a user and the intentions of the client, I am able to provide conceptual product sketches, followed by rapid prototypes. By further developing the prototypes, we can test usability and functionality to ensure the product evolves appropriately. As the refined prototypes get closer to being finalized, I can ensure the product is created to specifications.

Logos & Identity

Sometimes people don't need full-blown branding. Sometimes, companies just need a good mark to work with that represents their business or service. When creating logos with minimal uses, start off on the right foot with longevity as the primary consideration.


I've been a manager, supervisor, project lead, and even the captain of a collegiate volleyball team. I am a natural leader and I understand the importance of teamwork and goal setting. A great team is one that communicates and strives to improve. I've been freelancing and running my own businesses for all of my professional career.

Design Consulting

Allow me to geek out on the your creative project. Give me the details and I will provide valuable insight and highlight things to consider. I understand that execution is the most important aspect to any project. Ensure that your project meets expectations, stays on schedule, and remains within budget.


While I don't consider myself a professional photographer, I've involved myself with numerous photoshoots. I've played the role of art director, stylist, photographer, and editor. I enjoy taking photos when I am on vacation and I believe there are a lot of correlations between photography and design. I strive for aesthetically pleasing shots that tell stories. I believe there are feelings that can be derived from each moment, location, and company. This is something I aim to translate in all my work.


The first step in Funnelling is to gather all relevant information regarding the company and their goals. Mood boards help in determining the tone of the project. The aim is to understand the potential applications of the brand, it’s goals, industry and message. Usually, three concepts are presented on the first run. Each concept represents a distinctive direction while emphasizing different levels of complexity. As the client deliberates over their likes and dislikes, I do my best to merge the feedback for the next round of concepts.

This strategy of starting wide and openminded, before narrowing and polishing is the essence of Funnelling. As we get closer to final deliverables, the range tightens and concepts are used in context to further visualize the brand's overall look and feel. The collaborative process encompasses client feedback and the designers creative direction.

1. Discovery

An opportunity to figure out requirements, needs, wants and preferences.

2. Research & Development

Explore industry standards and competition. Search companies with similar names so concepts do not reflect anything that already exists.

3. Design

In each presentation, I showcase multiple concepts for discussion. These are then broken down and refined after deliberation.

4. Production

As the final design is chosen, I export the necessary assets into various digital formats for delivery.