About AW

Since I was a boy I've always been interested in art. Some of my earliest memories include drawing on my bedroom walls, arts and crafts, and collecting graphic rave flyers. I followed my instincts and studied fine arts in high school and college. I learned about graphic design, print making, sculpture, painting, ceramics, drawing and art history. After graduating with a diploma in studio art, I refined my skills at Emily Carr University and earned a degree in design. I took my skills into a career as a graphic designer specializing in branding.

Currently, I specialize in branding and brand strategy. My goal is to give companies a personality that adheres to their products or services, and tell that story creatively at every client interaction. Using my custom Funnelling Design Process, I help clients navigate the concept development phase. This process demonstrates my graphic and creative range, shows concepts in context, and identifies the brand’s story.

I’m passionate about creating things. If I could, I’d design everything at least once. To fuel my need to create, I am currently involved with two personal projects: Flagship Lifestyle Inc., and Yetee.

Flagship is a men’s fashion and lifestyle brand focused on four basic principles. Everything we do encompasses the Cool, the Clean, the Bold, and the Sophisticated. I am the creative director at Flagship and we aim to provide quality products to an audience that welcomes our perspective. #flagsh1p

Currently in development, Yetee is an e-commerce project focused on mens’ fashion. Yetee aims to eliminate returns based on fit, help men find brands that design for their body type, and improve their wardrobe with advice based on personal preferences. #shopbyfit

Outside of design, I love movies, sports, and staying active. I enjoy live performances like sports games, concerts, comedy and plays. I work to travel and I live for unique experiences. I also like my Instagram.