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Operating out of Vancouver, Canada, I am a designer that creates unique brands for businesses of all shapes and sizes. I specialize in corporate branding, graphic design, and marketing. In my career I've worked with over 80 companies worldwide. I've even started a few of my own. I am passionate about design and I am currently considering freelance opportunities.

Design has never been a job because it's never felt like work. It gives me the opportunity to explore. I dive into different industries, styles, cultures and even countries. I believe travelling has broadened my world view and influenced my work creatively. As a multidisciplinary designer, I have been able to develop innovative strategies and solutions for each challenge.


Branding is the emotion that comes from the accumulation of customer experiences based on brand interactions and touch points.

By taking you through my Funnelling Design Process, I am able to summarize your needs and wants into three viable options. Showing a range of potential directions, each concepts differ by graphic complexity and style. After the initial presentation, I am able to combine the best applicable ideas with your preferences, to refine the concepts closer to your vision.

The whole process is quite simple. Whether you are interested in being part of the design process, or if you want to lay back a little, Funnelling provides the opportunity to deliberate, drive the project forward, and develop the best solutions.

Graphic design can be a lot of things, but most importantly, graphic design is communication design.

An elegantly designed visual composition with engaging imagery or messaging can strengthen the audience's connection. As a seasoned professional graphic designer, I understand the true power graphic design can offer. It can be emotional, it can be thought provoking, it's ability to communicate is unrivalled.

Whether I am designing a book or a poster, many thoughts go through my head. Who is this item for, how is it supposed to sound, what do I want people to know if they don't read a thing? Once those questions are answered, I can begin laying out the content and organizing the information hierarchy.

Interesting content will always be interesting.

My approach to marketing is to create something that's engaging and simple to comprehend. Don't rely on your audience to figure it out, make it clear. If the design distracts from the message, it’s not successful. Graphic design and marketing is the subtle balance of decorating and communicating. What it boils down to is connecting your message to your audience, and I can help.

Marketing, as with other forms of promotion comes at cost. The primary goal is to create more return from these marketing investments. With infinite possibilities, creators fine tune the messaging, quantify the options, scrutinize with detail, and execute with precision.

Savage Syrup

Check out these custom illustrations I did for this fun line of vape juices! Five ferocious flavors, each more savage than the other!

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Bumble Bloom

For Bumble Bloom I created a unique universe for the brand and main character. Elements of this world can be seen throughout all their branding materials and package design.

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Appnovation Technologies

Appnovation allowed me to really flex my skills in a corporate setting. Having worked for them for over five years, I've created a vast array of branded assets.

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